• To promote the South Indian culture through Tamizh language, music and drama.
  • To remain strictly non-political and non-partisan in the promotion of Tamizh language and South Indian culture.
  • To provide support and networking for new migrants and New Zealanders of South Indian origin (Then Indiyar).
  • To promote the inclusion of non-Tamizh speaking people who are interested in learning, promoting and celebrating the Tamizh language and South Indian culture.
  • To promote gender equality amongst members through participation in the community activities.


  • To offer the Tamizh perspective to the multiculturalism of New Zealand.
  • To understand, identify and meet the core need within our Tamizh communities.
  • To share the South Indian culture with our descendants and also with New Zealanders including Maori.
  • To reach out to new settlers so that they will see Wellington Mutamizh Sangam as the place to go to for support and fellowship.
  • To share and enjoy other’s culture.
  • To educate New Zealanders (in Wellington) about South Indian culture.
  • To connect with Tamizh communities in the smaller provincial areas.
  • To organise significant events that create opportunities for people to connect with one another.
  • To support new migrants to understand their rights and the opportunities NZ offers.


  • To build relationships with other ethnic communities in New Zealand.
  • To participate in Diversity Forums and multicultural events and festivals.
  • To gain a significant profile through interviews with the media.
  • To participate in human rights forums and undergo mediation training.
  • To build on our growing profile.
  • To be well known and visible outside our community.
  • To bring the Tamizh communities in Wellington together.